Episode 107: Phish 7.8.99, Virginia Beach, VA

This week, it’s just Brad and RJ, breaking down 7.8.99. It was fun to go back and listen to this show and reorient ourselves to the millennial sound. Jonathan was at the show, but wasn’t able to join the recording, so we do a dramatic reading of his comments. If you haven’t yet, please check out HF Pod Plus. And check out some awesome podcasts from some friends of ours—Brokedown Podcast and Beyond the Pond. Please subscribe and review us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter. Also like us on Facebook. And check out CashorTrade for face value tickets to shows across the country. If you are on Stitcher, give us a review. —  Phish, 7.8.99, Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA  Set 1: Julius, Fee -> Jam , Guyute, Dirt, Nellie Kane, Stash, Cavern  Set 2: Birds of a Feather > Prince Caspian > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Saw It Again, Sleep, Meatstick, Tube > Simple  E: Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, Character Zero  Intro/Outro Music: John Lennon, Working Class Hero