Episode 9: Everyone Loves Matt Butler

In this episode, Leah and Taraleigh sit down with Matt Butler, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and creator of Everyone Orchestra to chat about the importance of connection in live music and how to get creative with our magical connection in these COVID times. Matt discusses how he is pivoting into the virtual space with Everyone Orchestra and IGE Music and Art Immersions, while still keeping the important aspects of each present, including connection and improvisation. Matt tells listeners how Everyone Orchestra began and his exciting plans for the future. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah provides research on the importance of satisfying social connection, as we find in live music, and Taraleigh tells listeners how to connect with someone today in a fun way to increase these benefits in her “Daily Jam.”


Matt Butler is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and creator of Everyone Orchestra, an improvisational musical project that features a constantly revolving roster of musicians. Everyone Orchestra creates completely different music every time it appears through conducted improvisational musical exploration and audience participation. In addition to Everyone Orchestra, Matt’s “day job” is with a non-profit IGE Music and Art Immersions, a public charity conducts educational music and art immersions, benefit performances and philanthropic activities in support for nonprofit arts foundations and public charities worldwide. IGE supports and funds environmental and social programs, artist development, cross-cultural artistic exploration, international arts education, and other humanitarian causes.

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