Episode 53: Jason Hann from The String Cheese Incident on The Healing Power of Music


In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with percussionist Jason Hann about the healing power of music based on his experiences participating in ceremonies in Haiti, collaborating with musicians from West Africa, and playing with The String Cheese Incident and other projects. The three discuss the implications of this for healing individuals, groups, and even the world at large. Also mentioned in the discussion is the healing power of breath and other ways to regulate our nervous systems. Dr. Leah breaks down why deep breathing is so effective in bringing about focus and calm for the “Did you Know.” Taraleigh gives listeners a tip for connecting with the healing power of music every day for the “Daily Jam.”


Jason Hann has been a member of The String Cheese Incident since 2004. He is a former member of the band EOTO and has had his own musical projects such as Prophet Massive, an electronic DJ side project. He released a solo album called Rythmshphere Vol. 1 – Djembe Furia in 2005. Follow Jason on Instagram @jason_hann_drums_and_perc


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