Episode 44: Life Lessons from the Stage with Rob Compa

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In this episode, Taraleigh and Dr. Leah talk with guitarist Rob Compa from Dopapod about how he’s evolving as a musician and a human and the practices that help him find presence, cope with emotions, and get out of his head. He shares about his meditation practice and a hilarious story about his first silent retreat. During the discussion, Rob makes connections from his childhood and how much about life he has learned from the stage. Also included is a special treat Dopapod has incorporated into their upcoming album. For the “Did you Know,” Dr. Leah shares a technique for coping with overwhelming emotions and Taraleigh puts her own personal spin on it in the “Daily Jam.”


Rob Compa is the guitarist for the nationally touring progressive rock jamband Dopapod, who over the last 14 years has toured in every nook and cranny of the US and elsewhere, and recorded seven albums of original material. When not busy with Dopapod, Rob fills his time with his trio, RCA, solo acoustic shows, and numerous other musical acts as a sideman. He is also a passionate guitar instructor, with a constantly growing roster of students. Find out more at https://robcompaguitar.com/.


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