Episode 4: Reed Mathis Vulnerable, Honest, Brave Part 2

In Part 2, Taraleigh, Leah, and Reed come back to finish the conversation about live music as a potential for trauma and grief resolution and insecure attachment. Reed gives a specific example of his own healing through live music and how he uses Beethoven as a means of healing for others. Leah discusses many reasons people use music in their lives and Taraleigh shares her latest ritual involving music for well-being that listeners can use in their daily lives.


Reed Mathis is a bass player and the genius behind Electric Beethoven. Reed’s experimental and experiential philosophy has led him to use well known artists such as Beethoven, Paul Simon, and The Grateful Dead for exploration and healing. His latest projects include Bone Diggers and Golden Gate Wingmen in addition to Electric Beethoven. Perhaps most notably, Reed was a founding member of Tulsa progressive jazz band Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.

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