Episode 38: Jamming with Jimkata

In this exclusive interview, Taraleigh and Leah had the pleasure of chatting with Evan Friedell and Packy Lunn from Jimkata about their return from hiatus, their new album Bonfires, and their upcoming West Coast tour. The two share how taking a pause from the band allowed them to see how impactful Jimkata has been. They share what it’s been like to play their new songs live and how much they are looking forward to getting back on the road touring. We dive into the holistic nature of music, how they are approaching it differently this time, and the importance of safety and trust in experiencing those transcendent live music moments. For the “Did you Know,” Leah shares why safety and trust are so important for experiencing “it” and Taraleigh offers a way to learn more in the “Daily Jam.”

New York-bred, LA-based synth-rock band Jimkata has been pairing playful, buoyant melodies with weighty, emotive lyrics since its members – three lifelong friends – formed the project in 2005. The group notched nationwide festival performances and released a series of critically-acclaimed studio albums before taking a hiatus in 2017.


Their new album Bonfires is a bracingly original collection of dance floor-ready records that simultaneously feel modern yet classic, blurring the lines between the organic and the electronic as they reckon with doubt, struggle, and perseverance in a search for truth and meaning. The 10-track album boasting 500,000+ combined streams across platforms. 

Each Bonfires track released alongside its own captivating music video (with the title track’s music video garnering 100,000+ views), further depicting Jimkata’s newfound sense of freedom and unrestrained creativity.


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