Episode 35: What Live Music Means with Dr. Leah Taylor & Taraleigh Weathers

In this three-part series, Taraleigh and Leah ask live music fans, musicians, and people in the industry questions about what live music means to them, how it affects their mental health, and to share a recent memorable experience with live music. In this episode, they dive into the question “What does live music mean to you?” First, we hear from live music fans about the importance that it holds in their lives and why they make it a priority to attend live music. Then we hear from musicians such as Ryan Dempsey from Twiddle, Eric Gould from Pink Talking Fish and Marble Eyes, Jeremy Kaplin and Brian Murray from Dogs in a Pile, and Brett Wilson from Roots of Creation, along with others making the live music happen. Taraleigh and Leah explore themes that come up such as feeling a sense of community, a sense of harmony and positive feels, and that live music is essential to one’s survival in the same way as food, water, air, and sex. Whether you have explored this question yourself, are pondering it for the first time, or are curious why your friend, daughter, son, cousin, etc. is off to see the same band for the hundredth time, this episode is a great overview of what makes live music so meaningful and why it has been a part of every culture since the beginning of recorded time.

Taraleigh Weathers is the leader of fabulous Rocking Life Retreats and founder of the Rocking Life Entrepreneur Program where she helps people with ADHD that have a bazillion ideas in their head and need focus and guidance to figure out how they can bring it all together in a unique offering so you can make reliable income doing what you love. She is also the author of the book How to Rock Your Life. Find out more about Taraleigh at rockinglife.com.

Leah Taylor, PhD is an integrative mental health specialist with a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and a researcher of live music and how it relates to wellbeing. She is the founder and creator of Embodied Groove ™ an interactive movement experience designed to enhance the benefits of live music and raise the vibe at every show. Find out more about Leah and Embodied Groove at embodiedgroove.com.

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