Episode 31: Get to Know GrooveSafe

Taraleigh and Leah talk with GrooveSafe founder Ashley Driscoll and transformational coach Jessica Hans-Smolin. Ashley shares her passion for the movement of consent culture behind GrooveSafe’s mission and talks about her recent experiences hosting bystander awareness trainings, spreading the message of consent, and hosting a table inside venues on Phish tour. Jess informs listeners how she was inspired by Ashley’s mission and what her and Taraleigh will be offering for fans who have had experienced unwanting touching or sexual assault at shows. For the “Did you Know,” Leah shares research that supports Groovesafe’s Bystander Intervention training and how a simple response can make a difference in how a person is affected by the experience in the future. Taraleigh encourages everyone to be proactive and educate themselves towards a safer consent culture in the “Daily Jam.”

Ashley Driscoll is the founder of GrooveSafe, a movement within the musical community to bring awareness about unwanted touching and sexual assault at concerts. In the fall of 2016, there was an incident at a Phish show in Las Vegas where a man’s girlfriend was groped and it created a loud online discussion. This prompted Ashley to extend the conversation outside of her trusted circles. She created a thread in a large internet Phish forum and the response was overwhelming. There was a variety of responses ranging from “I had NO idea this was happening” to “Thank you for addressing this, I didn’t realize I was assaulted until this conversation”. Ashley learned so much from that research and those testimonials, not only how frequently this was happening, but it happens while sober, in every music scene and to people of all genders that she knew she needed to start a movement. GrooveSafe’s mission is to Stop sexual assault at concerts; Create safe and respectful dance spaces; Teach that consent is mandatory; and Emphasize respect for boundaries in a pandemic. Find out more at https://groovesafe.com/.


Jessica Hans-Smolin is a supporter of GrooveSafe and the founder of Free Your Essence Coaching where she works with those who identify as weird and wild women in a joyful, loving, sacred space where weird and wild magic is remembered and co-created every day. She helps her clients access their relationship to their unique gifts so they can skillfully embody their weird and wild in the world every day which she believes makes this world so much more vibrant and exciting to be a part of. Jess believes that it is everyone’s birthright to live their version of a free, fully expressed life. She is a Master Level Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Nature Worshiper, Moon Dancer, Mother, WILD WOMAN, Ritual Lover, Sacred Rebel and carries her Licensed Masters Degree in Social Work. She lives in Nyack, NY with her partner Pete and son Llewyn and two crazy cats. She loves hiking, dancing barefoot in the moonlight, ritual-multi-dimensional portal jumping, live music medicine and circling up around the fire with her sacred sisters. To find out more about Jessica’s offerings and the Weird and Wild Woman Community, you can follow Jessica on Instagram @FreeYourEssenceJess or email her at jess@freeyouressencecoaching.com, to get on the list and receive Weird and Wild meditations, activations, sacred practices, offers and inspiration.


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