Episode 30: Reaching for your Dreams with Dawn Jenkins

Taraleigh and Leah talk with fellow podcaster and passionate Phish phan Dawn Jenkins. Dawn shares what it’s like to be the first female podcast host on Osiris Media and how she has the courage to reach for her dreams. She inspires listeners to create the thing you want, especially if it doesn’t exist and gets real on fears, fandom, and success. For the “Did you Know,” Leah shares research that shows you have the power to enhance your confidence and courage with your body posture and Taraleigh takes it a step further in how to incorporate it in your daily life in the “Daily Jam.”


Dawn Jenkins has been part of the Phish community since 1994 & is the producer and host of the first female-hosted Phish podcast Phemale-Centrics. She’s been with Osiris Media since the beginning and is now on the production team for the Phish podcast Undermine. Outside of Phish, Dawn is a Mama of 3 & happily married to her husband Jason. Dawn owns the school Eyes of the World Nature Immersion where she teaches children in the forest of southern Maine!


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