Episode 27: Spirituality & Live Music with Peter Sawyer

Taraleigh and Leah chat with musician, producer, and researcher Peter Sawyer about all things live music for a special ending to Groove Therapy’s Season 1. The trio start by talking about the meaning of live music for fans and the role spirituality and ritual play in the experience. Leah and Peter swap research while Taraleigh rounds it out with personal stories. Peter shares his journey as a musician and songwriter including influences from favorite bands and focusing on music that comes from the heart and elevates the experience for the audience. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah highlights research that looks at the role of spirituality for fans while Taraleigh suggests ways to connect to your spiritual side every day in the “Daily Jam.”


Peter Sawyer is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and producer based in Santa Cruz, California. Sawyer is known for his distinctive electric guitar style and soulful vocals that been prominently featured in Seconds on End, Echo Street, and Brightshine. Sawyer completed his PhD from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and focused his dissertation research on the music of The Grateful Dead and how it relates to spirituality and ritual. In 2018 Sawyer founded Brightshine. Seamlessly combining Rock, Funk, Latin and Jazz influences, Brightshine has created an expansive and expressive sound that is uniquely their own.


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