Episode 26: Making it Happen Part 3 with Alex Crothers

In this 3-part series, Taraleigh and Leah talk to three different heroes behind the curtain (aka live music producers and promoters) to highlight all they do to bring live music to the people. Of course, with covid this is a whole new ball game, and these heroes deserve a lot of props for their courage, ingenuity, and innovation. Where would we be without our live music medicine? I don’t even want to know.


In this episode, event producer and founder of Higher Ground, Alex Crothers, shares the process and considerations to safely re-open live music venues during the pandemic. Listeners will get to hear how he got creative in Burlington, VT and offered the first CSA-esque option for live music fans looking to support and see live music without a big price tag or commitment, that in turn offers an experience like no other. For the “Did you Know” section, Dr. Leah Taylor speaks to one of Alex’s fears, that consumer behavior would change after covid and people may choose not to invest in live music as they did pre-pandemic. As you can guess, the answer is “hell yes, they will!” and the “Did You Know,” will provide research on why live music brings meaning to people’s lives. In the “Daily Jam,” Taraleigh inspires listeners to find a sense of harmony within everyday life.


Alex Crothers is the founder of Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, as well as co-owner of State Theatre, Port City Music Hall, and Thompsons Point in Portland, ME. He books and produces six artist-curated music festivals around the US and Mexico.  He has 25+ years in the live events side of the music business and currently produces ~650 events annually (pre-Covid). 


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