Episode 20: The Power of Lyrics with Ryan Montbleau

In this episode, Taraleigh and Leah chat with singer-songwriter Ryan Montbleau about the power of lyrics. Ryan describes his process of writing lyrics and following his inner compass in painting a picture that grabs the listener and takes them on a sensory journey. He shares about his newest project, four distinct EPs, Wood, Fire, Water, and Air, and gives listeners the inside scope on what it has been like to birth these into the world. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah talks about research on instrumental music versus music with lyrics on affecting mood. Taraleigh gives listeners tips on how to fully evoke the power of lyrics in her “Daily Jam.”


Ryan Montbleau has opened solo/acoustic for John P. Hammond, Melissa Ferrick, Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, and Rodrigo y Gabriela. His band, the Ryan Montbleau band, was a regular act included in the line-up at the Gathering of the Vibes music festival in Connecticut, as well as many other festivals in the jam scene. In the spring of 2010 the Ryan Montbleau Band toured with Martin Sexton, as his backing band and opening band. Before departing for that tour, Sexton produced the RMB’s album titled, Heavy On the Vine, recorded at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ryan currently has four new EPs coming out separately, Wood, Fire, Water, and Air.

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