Episode 18: Making Lemonade with Gregory McLoughlin

In this episode, Taraleigh and Leah talk with bassist and songwriter Gregory McLoughlin who has built a thriving community over the past year with his consistent Monday night live streams. Greg talks about how quarantine opened up opportunities for him and new fans that have been silver linings of this time. They are creating a whole TGIM movement where Mondays definitely do not suck anymore! He expresses his gratitude for his virtual audience and the love he feels from the party in the comments. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah talks about the power of showing up consistently and the positive effects of ritual in the live music experience. Taraleigh offers listeners inspiration to show up for themselves consistently in her “Daily Jam.”


Gregory McLoughlin is a songwriter and bass player living in Jersey City Heights, New Jersey. He writes and records as a solo artist, but also writes for other artists, including Beeman & Bannon, BuzzUniverse, Ross Sandler, Anthony Tamburro, Abbe Rivers, Johnny Bullitt and others.  Gregory has a catalog of songs that he would love you to perform and share. You can check them out on the songwriting page. You can find Gregory’s music on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services. Gregory is also available as a freelance upright and electric bass player for recording and gigs in the New York City area. One of Gregory’s most favorite things lately is performing an online virtual concert every Monday night at 8 PM EST on the Busking Down the House Facebook Page.

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