Episode 17: Famoe.ly History with Vinnie Amico and Al Schnier

In this episode, Taraleigh and Leah talk with Vinnie and Al from the band moe. about their experience of creating a close-knit community and what it’s like from their perspective. moe.rons and newfound fans will love hearing about how certain traditions started and the connection they feel with their famoe.ly. Vinnie and Al discuss what they’ve been up to over the last year and how they are continuing to create community virtually in fun and intimate ways. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah talks about the process of finding oneself through community and how potent that can be within live music. Taraleigh gives listeners tips for enhancing connection virtually in her “Daily Jam.”


Vinnie Amico (drums) and Al Schnier (guitars, vocals) are both members of the band moe. and have played together since 1996. Hailed by American Songwriter for their “mind-bending musicality,” moe. is treasured for their mesmerizing musical synergy, unfettered showmanship, and smart, resonant songcraft. For three decades, the band has corralled myriad musical forms on a truly original journey rich with crafty, clever songwriting and astonishing resourcefulness. Fueled by an impassioned fan base, moe. has spent much of those thirty years on the road, encompassing countless live performances marked by eclectic wit, deep friendship, and exploratory invention. Having built an enduring legacy with hard work and a confirmed commitment to creativity and community, moe. seem as surprised as anyone to find themselves at such a significant landmark.

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