Episode 16: The Soundtrack of Our Lives with Elizabeth Beck

In this episode, Taraleigh and Leah talk with writer Elizabeth Beck about how the music of our favorite bands can create the soundtrack of our lives, spanning births and deaths, celebrations and challenges. They dive into the healing power of music through personal experiences and those of her characters. Elizabeth talks about her love of Phish and the Grateful Dead and the literary influences for World Gone Mad and Summer Tour, both fiction novels based around the music of Phish. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah talks about how rock music can have similar effects to meditation and other contemplative practices. Taraleigh instructs listeners on how to find similar effects in other novel ways in her “Daily Jam.”


Elizabeth Beck is a writer, artist, and teacher who lives with her family in Lexington, Kentucky. WORLD GONE MAD (released February 2021) follows the characters from SUMMER TOUR, which was published in 2020, is her debut work of fiction. She is the author of: Painted Daydreams: Collection of Ekphrastic Poems  (Accents Publishing 2019), insignificant white girl (Evening Street Press 2013), and Interiors (Finishing Line Press 2013). Elizabeth achieved her B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and her M.Ed. from Xavier University. She is an award-winning English and Art History teacher. During her time at Withrow High School, she founded The Tracks Literary Magazine. She is the proud recipient of an Artist Enrichment Grant through The Kentucky Foundation for Women. She founded The Teen Howl Poetry Series and the award-winning Leestown OUTLOUD Poets. In between, Elizabeth likes to make art, cook, and listen to music.

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