Episode 10: Manifesting Musical Magic with Eric Gould

In this episode, Leah and Taraleigh chat with musician and creative businessman Eric Gould to hear how he has used 2020 to help manifest musical magic. Eric talks about his new projects that have come out of the extra time of quarantine, including an exciting new band and Curbside Concerts. Throughout the episode, in full Groove Therapy fashion, he inspires listeners to realize their dreams and “energize your soul.” It hasn’t all been easy, and Eric talks about that too. For the “Did you Know” section, Leah provides simple steps to manifest your own dreams and Taraleigh instructs listeners on how to make it a regular habit in her “Daily Jam.”


Eric Gould is a bassist and founding member of Particle, Pink Talking Fish, and newly formed Marble Eyes. He is also associated with Curbside Concerts who is helping to keep music live in a physically distant world.

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