Deep Dive: Livin the Slow Llama Life with Taraleigh Weathers


In this Deep Dive mini-episode, Taraleigh Weathers talks about how she has mastered the art of living the slow llama life and still get everything done in a way that’s sustainable to her energy and health. In episode 51, Dr. Leah Taylor dove deeper into the energies of surrender and discipline to create flow. In this current episode, Taraleigh gives listeners a glimpse into her own natural tendency towards surrender and how she has been able to harness discipline so she can be playfully productive and still have time for fun and relaxation. Not only has she mastered this in her own life, but she is now helping her clients find relaxation in knocking out their to-do lists like a boss!


Taraleigh Weathers is the leader of intimate live music retreats and online business and accountability coaching programs. She helps people pursue their big dreams whether it’s helping them be their own bosses, write that book, run that marathon, start that band etc. She is also the author of the book How to Rock Your Life. Find out more about Taraleigh at


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