GWE — The Interviews: Chris “Tomato” Harfenist

Adding another facet to their Ween-centric offerings, God Ween Evan kicks off a periodic interview series, where someone in or around Ween and the Ween community chews the fat with the team. First up is Chris “Tomato” Harfenist, best known for being the lead singer and drummer for the alternative rock band Sound of Urchin. Tomato also plays drums in the Dean Ween fronted band The Moistboyz, as well as in Crescent Moon with Dave Dreiwitz. In this episode GWE’s Will Nunziata and Tomato discuss how Tomato got involved with Ween, the “golden ear” of A & R legend Steve Ralbovsky, when Tomato was “summoned by The D” (Tenacious D), Tomato playing live with Ween and The Moistboyz, and a must hear story that involved the Ween fan-favorite “Someday.”