Episode 8: Music as Healing and Sanctuary

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David Crosby and Steve Silberman continue their in-depth conversation about David’s iconic album, If I Could Only Remember My Name, in Freak Flag Flying’s final episode of season two. To begin, Steve takes you on a musical journey that features classic Croz songs that you know and love, along with rare, previously unheard tracks and demos. Whether you’re a hardcore Crosby fanatic or just a fan of creative, innovative, soul-soothing music, you’ll love what Steve has in store. The episode continues by rejoining David at Hyde Street Studios (formerly Wally Heider’s, where the album was recorded 50 years ago), to hear more stories about the recording of this all-time classic album, as well as tales of meeting the Beatles as a member of the Byrds and turning George Harrison onto the music of Ravi Shankar, Jerry Garcia’s distinctive gift to one of David’s greatest tracks, “Laughing,” how hard it is to sit in successfully with the Grateful Dead, and meeting acid king and sonic alchemist Owsley Stanley in LAX. You’ll also hear David talk about the essence of what music means to him.


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