Episode 7: Songs Are Holy To Us

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Welcome back to season two of Freak Flag Flying! Over the course of the next two episodes, music legend David Crosby and his friend and bestselling author Steve Silberman will take you inside the studio (literally) for an all-encompassing look at David’s timeless masterpiece, If I Could Only Remember My Name, with their conversations taking place in the very building that it was recorded in over 50 years ago, Hyde Street Studios (formerly Wally Heider’s). Along with their in-depth discussion, listeners will have the opportunity to hear some Crosby tracks that have never been heard by the public before!

Today’s episode features David taking Steve through the journey of making the album and collaborating with his friends and musical geniuses like Joni Mitchell, members of the Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane co-founders Paul Kantner, and Grace Slick. David goes on to explain his friendship and profound musical connection with Jerry Garcia, discovering Joni Mitchell and bringing her to Los Angeles, and the tragedy that struck just prior to the IICORMN sessions — a loss that can still be felt deeply in the words and melodies of the album. David also expounds upon his affinity with open tunings and tuning by ear rather than digitally, which contributed immensely to the distinctively luminous sound of the album, as recorded by Wally Heider’s brilliant in-house engineer Stephen Barncard.

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