Episode 6: Creating the Inexplicably Fantastic

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In this second episode of Freak Flag Flying Season 2, music legend David Crosby and best-selling author Steve Silberman dive even deeper into David’s new album For Free and discuss how some of the songs and collaborations from this album came to be. James Raymond (son of David Crosby and frequent musical collaborator) once again joins the conversation to provide even more insight into the songwriting process and what it is like to make an album with some of his favorite musicians. David also tells a story about meeting a veteran that has stuck with him and helped inspire a song on For Free, and he also shares with Steve what he would be doing if he weren’t a musician.

Freak Flag Flying will return in October with two new episodes featuring David and Steve discussing David’s classic album If I Could Only Remember My Name once again in the very studio where it was recorded back in 1970. Get ready Freak Flag Faithful, these are worth waiting for!

Songs featured in this episode (with Spotify links where available):

Secret Dancer

Shot At Me

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (I’m With Her)

Build Me Up From Bones (Sarah Jarosz)

Maggie (Sarah Jarosz)

For Free

I Think I

Eight Miles High

Deja Vu

I Won’t Stay For Long

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