Episode 5: Finding The Chemistry

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Hello Freak Flag Faithful! We couldn’t be more excited to bring you a second season of Freak Flag Flying with music legend David Crosby and his longtime friend and best-selling author, Steve Silberman. Their conversations took place at Hyde Street Studios, formerly Wally Heider Studios, where David’s classic album If I Could Only Remember My Name was recorded.


This episode begins with David and Steve talking about collaborating with other musicians and how the swingin’ Stephen Stills made him realize his love for musical collaboration. David’s son and frequent musical collaborator James Raymond then joins the conversation, beginning with the story of how he came to realize that David Crosby was his biological father. The episode continues with a deep look at two songs from David’s new album For Free as well as the first song David and James wrote together about Jim Morrison.


Songs featured in this episode (with Spotify links where available):


Music Is Love


Vagrants of Venice


Yvette in English


The Lee Shore


Rodriguez For A Night




Curved Air


River Rise


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