#138 Ann Obenchain Director Of Marketing For The Brewers Association

If you’re listening to this podcast there’s a good chance you’re a craft beer devotee and as such, you are acutely aware that we SHOULD be waist-deep in what is usually Beer Fest Season. Unfortunately that’s not a thing right now, but the folks at the Brewers Association have not let a pandemic discourage them. The Brewers Association is responsible for putting on some of the biggest and best events on the craft beer calendar every year. Events such as SAVOR, and the crown jewel of all beer fests, The Great American Beer Fest (GABF) are two of their higher profile yearly events that draw beer fans from every corner of the country. Ann Obenchain is the Director of Marketing for the Brewers Association, and was nice enough to carve some time out of her very busy schedule to walk us through the planning process of what will be a VERY different 2020 GABF. You have to hear this episode to believe all of the work, planning, and thoughtfulness the Association poured into turning the seemingly impossible task of holding the GABF, into a living, breathing reality. It’s a fascinating conversation proving that with enough determination, creativity, and beer, anything is possible.