#136 Hard Kombucha? Yes Hard Kombucha

As hard seltzers continue to gain in popularity because of the low carb, no sugar bit, a new category has emerged in their wake. The “Better For You” category. (notice it’s not the GOOD for you category, because it’s BETTER for you than saaaaaay beer and spirits) This category has slowly and quietly been building in popularity over the last few months. One of the break out brands in the category is a Hard Kombucha from the West Coast called Flying Embers. Brendan McLane, Director Of Sales for the East for Flying Embers, sits in and explains what Hard Kombucha is, how it’s made, and why it’s better for you. It’s a pretty cool story, be on the look out for Flying Embers at your local spot.
Show starts 32 minutes in after Richard’s Green Room segment.