#135 The Meeting That Turned Into an Episode

So we’ve been caught in sort of a tough spot recently. In light of the current events, we’ve been concerned that our name and logo would cause some problems online with people that don’t know who we are or what we do, so we have not released anything in a little while. We spent a few weeks contemplating a name change (The Pilsnerds was a suggestion that didn’t really have legs), asking people all over the place what we should do, and processing the situation as a whole. The general consensus from the people we reached out to was to keep the name. We laid low for a few weeks as we figured everything out and decided to have a zoom meeting to discuss exactly what we were going to do. The zoom meeting was NOT meant to be recorded, but we thought having audio proof that we indeed spent time and energy figuring out what needed to be done was important, so at the last second we hit the record button. This episode is that. We explain the name, why the podcast exists, why it’s called what it’s called and why we’re rolling forward with the name. There were also a couple ideas tossed around that utilize our youtube page and IGTV that we thought would be pretty cool too. We’re still building those out, but you can hear the basic framework for what we’re thinking in the episode. Oh, and the episode starts with a life announcement from Richard! Definitely not our usual brand of beer soaked silliness, but worth a listen just to see where we’re coming from. Thanks for sticking by us through all the ups and downs, we will be doing our best to better as we move forward. #verybusy