#122 Down on the Farm With Hilary and Blair from Rabbit Hill Farm and Malt House

Hilary Barile and Blair Bakker are 5th generation farmers at Rabbit Hill Farms in Shiloh NJ. For 4 generations Rabbit Hill was known for their Jersey Fresh potatoes. As American diets started shifting away from carbs, potatoes started feeling the pinch and Rabbit Hill had some decisions to make. At the same time, Hilary and Blair started noticing craft breweries and distilleries sprouting up in every direction in NJ. They had a brainstorm to grow barley, malt it themselves, and sell it to NJ breweries and distilleries. It was just crazy enough to work! On this episode Hilary and Blair break down the whole story, explain what barley malt is, how it’s malted, and why the beer you’re holding would just be hop water without it!

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