#119 Phish Lot Pre Party Part 2 with Tom Marshall, RJ Bee, Mike Finoia, Jen Bernstein and Cully Naramore

Sometimes a part 2 gets little hectic and this time is no different. The energy is raw here as a storm was brewing and everyone was gearing up to hit the lots for night 2 of Phish Camden. Tom, RJ, and Mike start us off, then Jen Bernstein joins us. Jen is the former Managing Editor at High Times Magazine and is currently the CEO of What Heals All, a company dedicated to educating consumers about quality CBD products. Their goal is to be a trusted industry and consumer resource for the advancement of CBD. And, oh yeah, she’s a massive Phish fan. We were pretty excited that she came to Tonewood for the event and even more excited that she jumped on with us for a few minutes. Cully Naramore from Treehouse Brewing also pops in right before the skies opened up to share some heady brews he brought down from New England.