#118 Phish Lot Pre Party at Tonewood Brewing with Tom Marshall, RJ Bee, Mike Finoia, Michael Shields, and the No Simple Road Family

On Saturday 6/29 we set up outside of Tonewood Brewing for a Phish Parking Lot Pre Party. We encouraged people to swing by Tonewood to pick up their beer for the lot while we did the podcast. We had a slew of special guests stop in through out the day including Tom Marshall and RJ Bee from Osiris Media, Mike Finoia from Amigos Podcast, Michael Shields from Welcome To The Party Pal and Across the Margin Podcasts, and our good friends Aaron, Mel, Apple and Ryder from the No Simple Road Podcast via phone. Our old producer Dan Jacoby stopped by, we hear all about Ryan Egan’s first Phish show experience from the night before, and Richard explains that he had an epiphany. This is part 1 of 2 parts.