Tash Neal

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This week on Eric Krasno Plus One, Kraz is joined by one of his best friends and favorite musicians, guitarist and singer Tash Neal. Neal is one of the most prominent young guitarists out there, thanks to his soulful tone and dynamic attack. Pair his guitar skills with his deeply expressive voice, and you have one of the most thrilling acts in rock n’ roll.

Raised by two world-class musicians, Neal was destined to become a musician himself and follow in his parents’ footsteps. Throughout his career he’s done exactly that, blazing his own unique trail by forming The London Souls, who seamlessly blended blues, soul, grunge, and other genres to create a rich, overdriven soundscape. This month, he released his debut solo album, Charge It to the Game, a gritty collection of upbeat tunes which he calls “a celebration of life and a celebration of getting over shit.”

In this conversation, Kraz and Neal discuss Neal’s influences and early days as a musician, recording with Ethan Johns, recovering from the car accident that caused him to enter into a coma, and much more. Take a look inside of Neal’s vibrant musical imagination, and experience the genuine connection between two longtime friends on a brand new episode of Eric Krasno Plus One.

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