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In this all-access release of Eric Krasno Plus One: The Guest List, enjoy a free preview of Kraz’s premium-subscriber content as he sits down with writer and podcast host Bee Getz for a riveting conversation about the jam world.  The Guest List is Kraz’s chance to connect more deeply with some of Plus One’s most engaged listeners, as he offers a closer look inside of some of the show’s exciting conversations. When you join The Guest List you’ll receive two bonus episodes per month, ad-free versions of all episodes, and access to Kraz’s Ask Me Anything page, where you can submit questions that he’ll answer in bonus segments. Subscription options are $5 per month or $50 per year.

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In this free preview episode, Kraz and Getz discuss Questlove and the Philly music scene in the 90’s, the impact that D’Angelo’s Voodoo had on neo soul, why it’s important to have a sense of community in music, and much more. You’ll hear Getz share unique insights about some of our favorite artists, as he and Kraz bring to light backstage tales that only seasoned insiders could tell. With over 20 years of experience covering music for various media outlets, Getz is a tested veteran of the jam scene and has a knack for bringing out the rawest, most genuine stories and opinions from artists like Kraz, and you won’t want to miss this special preview or what’s to come on The Guest List.

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