George Porter, Jr.


On this episode of Plus One Eric talks with George Porter Jr., funk-master and founding member of The Meters. Porter is a New Orleans legend, but his slick playing and deep-pocket grooves have made him a 4-string-fable across the globe. While Porter has touched on many musical styles throughout his career, there is an undeniable hint of Crescent City soul in just about every word he speaks during this colorful conversation.

In this episode, Porter and Kraz talk about the origin story of The Meters, Porter’s discovery of the bass guitar, playing with Bill Kreutzmann and The Dead, and many other fascinating tales of his extraordinary musical life.  

Porter’s passion for music is undeniable, and it’s on full display when Porter talks about the “double-edged blade” of The Meters’ music being sampled in rap and pop songs- his playful and light-hearted attitude towards missing out on critical and financial recognition from others using his music is an earnest confirmation of his love for his artform- he’s just happy that these grooves still fill the air.  

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