Cory Henry


On this episode of Plus One Eric talks with keyboard and organ virtuoso Cory Henry. Best known for his masterful keyboard playing with Snarky Puppy, Cory has recently gained recognition for his music with the Funk Apostles and for his new solo album, Something to Say. We already knew that Henry is an improvisational mastermind, and the new album showcases his ability to blend contrasting colors of the musical palette in a studio setting.

Henry has taken advantage of quarantine by making as much music as he can, and he looks forward to getting back to life on the road, even the 4:00 am lobby calls, as he jokes about in the podcast.

This conversation introduces the listener to the complex musical mind of Cory Henry, and in this episode you’ll hear Cory and Kraz talk about Cory’s early days of playing, inspiration behind his new album, and future plans for the young star. Cory tells beautiful stories of his early encounters with music while playing the organ in church, as he talks admiringly about some of his favorite musicians and what they’ve taught him.

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