Brad Barr


In this episode of Eric Krasno Plus One, Kraz talks with guitarist and singer Brad Barr of The Slip and The Barr Brothers. Barr is an incredibly dynamic guitarist, with the ability to fluctuate between different degrees of musical intensity on a dime. Like many Plus One guests of the past, he has first-hand experience playing many different styles of music, which has allowed him to assemble a versatile discography over the course of his career; his music offers a little bit of something for everybody.

In this conversation, Kraz and Barr talk about a unique source of inspiration behind the wall for Brad’s The Fall Apartment album, learning how to sing on the fly, current and past musical projects, and much more. In his 20+ years of experience as an artist, Barr has amassed a plethora of musical wisdom, and in this episode he shares it earnestly with you.

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