Blake Mills & Pino Palladino


This week on Eric Krasno Plus One, Kraz is joined by Blake Mills and Pino Palladino, who just released an album together titled Notes With Attachments. Their debut LP as a duo is excitingly unpredictable, colored with unique textures, and touches on rich soundscapes that are only accessible to the most dynamic musicians.  

Palladino has gained widespread praise for his bass playing with legendary artists such as The Who, The John Mayer Trio, and Nine Inch Nails. When he paired with Mills, who has been hailed as one of the premier names of young guitarists by Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton, the duo was bound to achieve new musical heights.  

In this conversation, Kraz, Palladino, and Mills dive into the intricate process of creating their latest album, detailed nuances of the production process, finding your voice as an artist, and much more. Kraz offers listeners deep insights into some of the most expansive minds in music, and this discussion with Mills and Paladino adds another edition to the growing list of can’t-miss episodes of Eric Krasno Plus One.

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