Alecia Chakour (Chakourah)

This week on Plus One, vocalist and songwriter Alecia Chakour joins Kraz to talk about the making of her upcoming album, Lotusland. You’ll hear the two longtime friends discuss the songwriting and recording processes behind the new record, growing up in a musical family and how that helped shape her perception of collaboration, and a genuine onstage moment that she shared with B.B. King when she was 10 years old. You’ll also hear Alecia tell Kraz why she appreciates the “parts making up the whole” in the context of background singing, and Alecia and Kraz take a trip down memory lane to their old neighborhood in NYC, reminiscing about being in close proximity to their creative companions.


Alecia Chakour is a vocalist and songwriter best known for singing background vocals for Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Warren Haynes Band, and for her amazing collaborations with some of our favorite musicians. Alecia is set to release her debut solo album Lotusland on October 29, and in this episode you’ll hear her dive deep on the creation of the record, and why she’s so thankful for working with the incredible musicians who she’s collaborated with over the years.


Check out Alecia’s new album, Lotusland, here.


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