9. Van Halen

Hosts Dave and Joe tackle the catalog of the greatest band to ever hail from Pasadena, California — Van Halen. Each release is rated from 0 to 5 stars and Dave and Joe each reveal their picks for the top 3 must-own Van Halen titles, as well as their worst overall release. 

– curated Van Halen playlist on Spotify

– The famous “Van Halen Zero” demos, recorded by Gene Simmons before they were a signed band

– Joyous live footage from 1979, especially the first song “Dance The Night Away”

Tutorial on how to play the incredible solo from “Outta Love Again,” a masterclass in efficiency

– Batshit crazy video for “Pretty Woman” that MTV aired exactly one time before coming to their senses

– Van Halen (with David  Lee Roth in tow) presents the 1996 VMA for Best Rock Video to Beck and  all manner of awkwardness ensues. Also the 90’s were just weird

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