58. End Of U.S. Tour Surprise: Spiral Stairs Rates Roxy Music!

To close out Pavement’s triumphant 2022 tour, another gift…Back in December 2021, Spiral Stairs was our very first guest on the program.  Not only is our Roxy Music episode one of our best and most popular, but Scott remains one of the greatest and most gracious guests we’ve ever had.  Have at it, fellow Pavement lunatics!

-Listen to a curated Roxy Music playlist on Spotify

-Check out Roxy Music emerging fully formed on a legendary Peel Session from 1972. Not available on streaming services but essential

-Roxy Music looking and sounding like the coolest human beings on the planet on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972

-A return to The Old Grey Whistle Test a year later, so good it’s not fair

-Tearing up “Pyjamarama” on Musikladen in 1974

-Still looking and sounding fabulous in 1982

-Excellent Roxy Music fan site if you’re looking for more information


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