50.  Discograffiti’s The Private Press with Paul Major: “The New Dawn – There’s A New Dawn” (1970)

Your Pavement Reunion Tour Companion keeps the party going with one of Stephen Malkmus’ favorite private presses of all time, a one-off downer garage psych concept album from 1970 out of Salem, Oregon about a guy who decides to off himself—this is absolutely one of the great Sixties comedown rekkids of all time.  The New Dawn will also mark the final appearance of The Private Press as a free weekly series—now you gotta subscribe!  And it’s well worth it—your host Paul Major is the greatest, most enthusiastic private press record collector of all time—and leader of the thunderously awesome band Endless Boogie—and he’ll be introducing you and I to a brand new incredible record you’ve almost definitely never heard of every single week, along with personal tales of tracking these folk down that rocket his recommendations into another category entirely.    That’s right, it’s a whole other show that runs concurrently with Discograffiti, intended for the deep-dive diehards out there who just can’t can’t enough great music recommendations.  Sign up for the Major tier on our Patreon page (www.Patreon.com/Discograffiti) to get The Private Press every Thursday!

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