49. Pavement Part 1: “The Road To Slanted” (1989-1992) with Pavement Member Bob Nastanovich

It’s not every day that Pavement reunites for a tour. In fact, since breaking up in 1999, it’s only happened once, in 2010…and then again this week!  Huge props go to Bob Nastanovich, a true mensch, who thoroughly delivered on his promise of ruthless honesty in his assessments of the entire Pavement catalog during our epic 8 hour interview. A 6-episode series that covers the entire length of the tour, we’ll also be offering a tremendous amount of bonus interview content on Patreon, so be sure to check that out. And we’re withholding our big surprise until the end of the tour, so stay tuned…it’s going to be a well-earned celebration of all things Pavement!  In episode one, we cover the band’s first several EPs, as they navigated their way through the indie fanzine world before semi-stardom came a-courtin’.

– Official playlist curated by Dave on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3ueVK4TOQeTPcZTQsvNy3B?si=fdf0ea09a05347a5

– July 30, 1992, Live at the Khyber Pass Pub, Philadelphia, PA, Full Show: https://youtu.be/3gheTBEWJso

– Pavement’s full set from the August 30, 1992 Reading Festival: https://youtu.be/cDZxDHtrsSk

– December 2, 1992, Eindhoven Netherlands, Full Show: https://youtu.be/cDZxDHtrsSk

– The video for “Here”, from Slanted.  Directed by Thurston Moore:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DRBYrYj144&t=1s


– Bob’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/BNastanovich


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