4. Beck

Hosts Joe and Dave reveal that’s there’s more to Beck than meets the eye, especially when it comes to his pre-Mellow Gold output, none of which is available on streaming services (we’ve included some key links below). All of Beck’s releases are discussed, dissected and rated, and Joe and Dave reveal their picks for the top three must-own Beck titles, as well as his overall worst release to date. 

– official Discograffiti-curated Beck playlist on Spotify
– The pre-fame, limited release Golden Feelings LP in its entirety.  Discograffiti-approved songs include “Fucked Up Blues,” “Totally  Confused” and especially the excellent “Gettin’ Home”
– 1994’s Stereopathic Soulmanure in its entirety. Check out the excellent  jams “Rowboat,” “Crystal Clear (Beer),” “Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day”  and “Puttin’ It Down”
– Avant-garde Beck clicking on all cylinders on the most excellent 10-minute “Harry Partch” single
– Beck re-imagines some of the works of Phillip Glass with compelling results in this 20-minute remix tour de force
– Lovely cover of “I Only Have Eyes For You” that holds its own with the otherworldly canonical version by The Flamingos
– 15-minute version of the single “I Won’t Be Long” that is strangely hypnotic

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