32. Velvet Underground, Part 1: 1967-1968 with Anthony Fantano

Joe  and Dave welcome The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano to the show for a  dream-come-true deep-dive discussion about The Velvet Underground. Part  One of our 2-Parter trains the spotlight down on the Velvets’ first two  albums as Joe, Dave, and Anthony give up the goods on every track off  the debut and ‘White Light/White Heat.’

– Official playlist curated by Joe and Dave on Spotify.

– The Velvet Underground being beautiful weirdos at Andy Warhol’s factory, 1966

– Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable with The Velvet Underground

– Audio is a little murky but great performance of “Run Run Run” from their heyday in 1967

 Lou speaks eloquently about Andy Warhol and the Velvets’ debut album in this 1984 interview

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