30. Nirvana

Joe and Dave do an exhaustive deep dive on the brief but incendiary career of the kingpins of 90s alternative music, Nirvana.  All albums, singles, b-sides and assorted ephemera are discussed and rated on a 0-5 star scale, and the hosts name their favorite and least favorite Nirvana albums.

– Official playlist curated by Joe and Dave on Spotify

– Live clip of Nirvana in 1989, in the brief period when Jason Everman played second guitar. Chad Channing on drums, and Kurt with fabulous long hair

– GREAT performance beautifully filmed and recorded from the period of the  band’s ascent to the stratosphere, blowing the roof off a packed  Paramount Theater in Seattle in October 1991

– Crushing “Drain You” at the Reading festival, 1992

– “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on SNL, 1992

– Near the end, “Rape Me” in Paris, February 1994


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