Episode 9: Battle Of The Beards

This is the goofiest idea for an episode ever. But the vibrations are real good. Casey had this crazy thought to compare the Grateful Dead and the Beach Boys—two acts that can legitimately claim the title “America’s Band.” On the surface, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but think about it: besides having amazing beards, both bands represent aspects of mythological California. They also were innovators and experimenters with obsessive fans and no small amount of exuberance and pathos. Special guest Arthur Adams—a Bay area producer and director at The Clock Factory who also performs as the robot in the sci-fi / punk / new wave band The Phenomenauts—talks about how he got your host hooked on the Beach Boys, that one time the Boys jammed with the Boys, and more. Eduardo and Casey kick around the concept of America’s Band, and whether we need or even deserve one. Feed Your Head profiles erstwhile beardo and Deadhead Elvis Costello. Surf’s up!

Show Notes:

“Kokomo” Is 30: The Strange Backstory To The Beach Boys’

Last Cultural Gasp

In 1971, The Grateful Dead Jammed With The Beach Boys At

Fillmore East  

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