Daniel Donato’s Lost Highway – Season 2 Preview

Osiris Media is thrilled to announce the addition of Daniel Donato’s Lost Highway to our network!  Daniel Donato’s Lost Highway, hosted by Nashville-based cosmic country guitarist Daniel Donato, aims to explore the wonders of creativity and inspiration through conversation with some of the most exciting figures in music.  Previous guests have included Steve Vai, Brent Mason, Joe Bonamassa, Mark Agnesi, and many more seasoned veterans of some of the most intriguing regions of the musical globe.  


Fueled by unrelenting curiosity, Daniel brings on artists, creatives, and industry professionals from music and other artistic worlds to fulfill his mission of revealing the purely human elements of their careers and life stories. Through genuine, unmitigated discussion, Daniel traces the patterns of success that his guests have enjoyed, intending that every listener will learn from and apply these patterns to their own life experience, empowering all to fulfill their creative potential.


Check out Daniel at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville on August 27. Tickets available here. 


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Daniel Donato’s Lost Highway is presented by Osiris Media. Hosted, Produced, and Original Music by Daniel Donato. Executive Produced by Matt Dwyer for Osiris Media. Produced by Owen Canavan of Perry Street Management. Production Assistance from Matt Bavuso.


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