Will Henson: Living a Unique Adventure

In episode 60, Will Henson tells us all about the adventures of his life. These are not just his adventures, but those of his Dad and his Mom during his youth, as well.

Will came to the podcast via Episode 56’s guest Jon Loomis. So, a special thanks to Jon for leading such a great man to Daddy Unscripted.

When Will first emailed me, I couldn’t have been more surprised by some of the things he quickly mentioned about his childhood. His parents’ research of bats and mentioning to me that he was catching bats in Jamaica had me extremely interested, to say the least.

Spending much of his life on the east coast, Will tells some great stories of adventuring about from his childhood. He talks about being quite the nerd in High School, which I really associated with. It’s not too hard to believe that a young Will decided to just up and move to Alaska.

As someone who, at times, was not afraid to try very new things and places in life, I am so massively inspired by Will’s fearless life. We talked a bit about what it’s like to "settle down" a little later in life.

Will’s professional life is not exactly boring, either. He is a licensed psychologist who works a lot in the threat assessment space with schools in his locale. I’m sad that something like this has to exist at all, let alone, has as much involvement as it does these days. But, obviously the need is there and his role is very important.

Will has not only helped create a website that helps train educators; he has also developed and designed a historical board game. As in his childhood, he now spends a significant amount of time taking his two daughters fishing with him. He provided me with some amazing photos, that I will share at the end of this post with you all.

You can find more about Will’s work by visiting www.321insight.com

You can also check out the board game he designed by visiting www.historicalboardgaming.com

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