Tom Keeley Inspires Us To Live Boldly

Episode 44 of the podcast is the second half of my conversation with Tom Keeley. If I was a fancier type guy who maybe also lived in England, I would probably describe Tom as a rather lovely fellow. He really was a fantastic bloke (look at me being even more British-y!) and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

A lot of you may already know that Tom is the guitarist in the band Thursday. Now, I will be honest here. Thursday isn’t the type of music I would normally seek out these days. There would have been times in previous times of my life that I may have been a little more apt to do that. However, in my steadfastness to research guests and to avoid being that host that says to an author: “I loved your book!” without having read a page of it, I have listened to quite a bit of Thursday. And, legitimately, I am honestly looking forward to seeing them in concert later this year.

During this section of our extended conversation together, Tom talks a lot about the early genesis of his foray into music and being a musician. We compared the two art forms that were his possible life directions at that young age: taking a risk with the whole band thing, or settling into starting a possibly well-grounded career in graphic design.

Our conversation meandered into a discussion about inspiration; inspiration of self and of others, as well. We talked about the importance that self-fulfillment plays in your ability to provide to others in your life.

“…try and find some non-fatal danger to build your character…”

That may be one of my favorite quotes from Tom during our conversation. Tom and I ended up talking quite a lot about the weight of decisions and choices in life. Speaking from his own life experiences, Tom really puts a lot behind the idea that people should take opportunities that may seem a little risky when they are able to. Perhaps something for youth more than for adults. However, we both agreed that some of the crossroads we come to in our lifetime can lead to some amazing things if we don’t always choose the easier or more safe path.

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