Tom Keeley: From Rockstar To Dad

Episode 43 of the podcast is the first half of my conversation with Tom Keeley. If I was a fancier type guy who maybe also lived in England, I would probably describe Tom as a rather lovely fellow. He really was a fantastic bloke (look at me being even more British-y!) and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

A lot of you may already know that Tom is the guitarist in the band Thursday. Tom was led to me by previous guest, RJ, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Although my immediate thought when I looked up Tom and his band was, honestly: “This is not really my type of music these days…” I was reminded fairly quickly that this podcast is not at all just about me and what I like. That was a quite welcome reminder. What can I say? I’m human.

Tom got extremely honest in this episode and didn’t seem to really hold back or pull punches about his childhood. As much as some of the positive stories started to pile up about his experiences with living with his Dad and with his Mom, the fact remains: it isn’t always the simplest thing to grow up in a broken home. So, I was all the more impressed by some of the life choices Tom has made along the way.

As Tom so eloquently put toward the very end of this episode, all of this helped lead to him “finding and marrying the woman of his dreams”. As someone who has traveled a great many roads in his own life: that statement resonated with me and made me wish that type of contentment and happiness for all of mankind! Or… at least for over 25% of it.


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