Terry Ogburn Lives Beyond Loss

In this, the 38th episode of the podcast, I found myself talking with Terry Ogburn.

In a few of my experiences at conferences, for marketing or podcasting, I’ve run into Jessica Rhodes a few times now. Jessica is the CEO & Founder of Interview Connections. I honestly didn’t know if anything would ever come from any of our conversations at these conferences until one day I received an email with a suggested guest. The email, from one of Jessica’s staff, basically said that Terry would be an excellent guest for the podcast because of his life experiences.

Terry has had significant success when it comes to the world of business. He has also helped a great many corporations and entrepreneurs find their way into success, whether as a start-up or helping a struggling business find their way. But, Terry’s road in life has gone through its own levels of struggle… even to the extreme of tragically losing the life of one of his children years ago. We discussed all of this in our conversation here. Terry even detailed his family history, living in a military home.

Our conversation touched a little on grief, but it even went a bit into the metaphysical world. We talked about some of Terry’s connections with his son, after his son had passed away. It was really a fascinating discussion.

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