Sam Jennings & His Time With Prince

Episode 035, for those keeping count. This is the 2nd of 2 episodes with web designer and artist Sam Jennings. Sam is my second guest that has a large connection to a man I adore: Prince. A lot of this episode is us talking about the period of 9 years that Sam worked very closely with and for Prince. He gives a deeper view into the man that at times was so private. We talk in depth about the positive influence that Prince had on our lives, from the time we were both teenagers.

After working with Prince, Sam went on to work with Pearl Jam with the same goals in mind as he had accomplished with Prince. His tenure did not last as long with the Seattle-based band, and we discuss the not-so obvious differences between these two employers of his.

If you are a fan of Prince, these conversations with Sam are so meaningful and informative. I am still ecstatic that he was able to come and sit with me for so long to record these episodes. I will add that if you happened to skip the previous episode with Sam and I because you think you don’t want to listen to us talk about Dad stuff: think again! There is quite a bit of other material in that episode. Sam talks a bit about how important family was to Prince, as well, in ways that are unique to those who knew him well. So, if you enjoyed this episode or are a fan of Prince, check out our previous episode next!

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