Ryan Michler Defied the Odds Without a Solid Manly Leader

Episode 46 of the podcast is one I’ve been holding onto for a while now. Another great guest that I waited for the Osiris Pod Network to launch. So, here it finally is: a groundbreaking, inspiring and relentless conversation. My podcast is fairly different from Order of Man, which Ryan created a few years ago. But, this episode with him as a guest finds a pretty solid middle-ground between our two platforms.

I’m not going to say that Ryan and I are complete opposites, because we aren’t. Ryan, however, is an extremely manly man. I said it more than once to Ryan: I really looked forward to this conversation because of how much it would expand my own way of thinking to hear his viewpoint.

We went back into Ryan’s past a bit to start, as per usual. The stories he had to tell are a new facet to this podcast. Ryan did not really have his biological father around during his entire youth. His Dad chose alcohol over his family, as Ryan put it. Unfortunately, not too much after that, his step-Dad took the exact same path. Ryan’s forthcoming discussion about that time for himself, his sister and their Mom was difficult to hear.

Having not just one, but multiple negative father figure models in Ryan’s life did not deal the crushing blow that some might expect. We dove into that subject, as well, talking about the importance of rising up against what can be too easily used as a crutch or a behavior excuse for people later in their lives.

Ryan told me he uses his life experiences to help others and that he is a pretty open book about any of his failures. He wasn’t lying. We jumped right into how some years back, he and his wife came to a tough time in their relationship and he nearly walked away from her and their first-born son. This is likely one of the most significant turning points in Ryan’s life and he described how he turned his original way of thinking upside-down to not only save his marriage, but to eventually go on to create Order of Man to help other men in their lives as well.

Ryan talks about three of the key components that he described men as being designed to be: protectors, providers and presiders. He has been inspiring thousands of men for years now to return to this approach to life and their responsibilities.

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